How many questions can you get right while the videos play?

If you're not sure how to play or what the object is then here are some more instructions:

Find a video on your favourite video site.

Usually those sites have some kind of embed code for an iframe in them.

It's usually in the 'share' options or similar.

Copy/paste the link into the space above and press go.

Then simply press 'play' on the video - if there's an option to loop it that can be useful.

Start entering the answers to the simple maths questions (12 x tables) in the area provided. If you get an answer wrong or run out of time the video will stop.

See how far you get.

On my first attempt I reached 41 out of 42.

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Scored 105 tonight...

On my first attempt watched a 24 minute video but failed at 41 out of 42....(damn 8 x 12 I always get that wrong)

there is no video

That's right - you supply your own with the embed code if you follow the instructions.