This simple tool analyses 2d images and returns a single result of quality either 'Good' or 'Poor'.

I trained it on over 600 different images with some being very poor, and some being very good and the program seems to classify correctly about 75% of the time.

Play around with it and see how you go.


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Whether or not it's a fully realized art critic; this became a great self-esteem booster after funneling a mix of my art with shitty doodles I had saved and having all my art stuff labeled, "GUD".

You made me smile at least haha thanks.


Glad to hear. It does seem to depend a lot on the combinations of colours used in an artwork. And in a way, because it's trained on my opinion of 'good' and 'poor' works - it's really just an electronic version of my opinion...sort of.

just need to make a clone of the early 2000s hotornot site, but for art, then scrape all the data and stuff it into the AI haha

Art is so subjective though, might be more interesting to have the AI reference famous artists by having it judge good art by their best works vs the worst/least popular among the public.

Could use keywords to determine how many hits a famous artists different works has and use that as a scale.

P.S. This sounds cool as hell to me, but I'm an artist not a coder, so no clue the technicals on it haha