A downloadable game for Android

Battle your way through dungeons as either rogue, mage or fighter.

A Roguelike has 25 levels of clearing dungeons of enemies.

Each character begins as a starting character and grows stronger as they progress.

Your progress is automatically saved as each new floor of the dungeon is reached

Some developer points:

The dungeon tiles are from Oryx 16 bit set.

The music is from Eric Matyas of www.soundimage.org.

The gui graphics are from craftpix.

The audio is from an ancient cd from 2004.

The character sprites are hand drawn from renders made in Poser for a decade or more ago.

The code is Java and is available on my website.  It is a modified version of my C# code for my other games ,Knights of Grumthorr and Space Squad.

For mobile devices and tablets.


Release Notes.

Version 1.0 Released

Version 1.01 Update - Bug Fix on Level Start on certain levels.

Version 1.02 Update - Font fix

Source code for the game can be found here:


Install instructions

Download the apk to your phone.



Note it is for older Android versions so if you are using a newer device it will issue warnings indicating it is for an older version.


roguelike.apk 13 MB

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