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Title: 3d Fantasy Battle Scene Viewer

Embark on an epic journey into a 3D medieval fantasy world where battles unfold before your eyes! 3d Fantasy Battle Scene Viewer offers a unique blend of strategy and spectacle, letting you witness the clash of armies or take command using a captivating card game mechanic.

Key Features:

🏰 Immersive Battles: Watch in awe as armies clash on the battlefield, each unit brought to life in stunning 3D detail.

🎴 Strategic Command: Seize control with a simple yet engaging card game system. Make tactical decisions that will turn the tide of war!

🌐 Global Appeal: Enjoy the game in both English and Chinese language versions, breaking down language barriers for a truly global gaming experience.

Please Note: 3d Fantasy Battle Scene Viewer is a labor of love created with older technology (blitz3d). While it may express nostalgia, it's essential to warn users of potential compatibility issues with more recent operating systems.

The battle for supremacy awaits — are you ready to lead your armies to glory?

标题: 3d 奇幻战斗场景查看器

踏上史诗般的旅程,进入 3D 中世纪奇幻世界,战斗就在你眼前展开! 3d 奇幻战斗场景查看器提供了策略与奇观的独特融合,让您目睹军队的冲突或使用迷人的纸牌游戏机制来指挥。


🏰 身临其境的战斗:敬畏地观看军队在战场上发生冲突,每个单位都以令人惊叹的 3D 细节栩栩如生。

🎴 战略指挥:通过简单而引人入胜的纸牌游戏系统夺取控制权。做出扭转战局的战术决策!

🌐 全球吸引力:享受中英双语版本的游戏,打破语言障碍,享受真正的全球游戏体验。

请注意:3d Fantasy Battle Scene Viewer 是用旧技术创造的爱的结晶。虽然它可能表



StatusIn development
Release date Dec 29, 2023
AuthorMatt Lloyd
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Tags3D, Fantasy, Medieval, Real-Time
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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source_code.bb 447 kB

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